2018 Harley-Davidson Softails Roundtable Discussion

We sit down with a few of our sister brands' editors to talk about our first riding experiences on Harley's all new Softail models

As you've likely heard, Harley-Davidson recently underwent the largest research and development project in the company's history. The result is the 2018 Softail lineup, which replaces the 2017 Softail and Dyna lineups with eight new models that feature an all-new frame and the Milwaukee-Eight motor.

We've covered the news extensively. Kevin Cameron wrote about the news from a technology and developments standpoint, Peter Egan went to Milwaukee to ride the new models back to back with the bikes they replace to give us some sort of idea of the overall improvement, and I attended the press launch and wrote my thoughts on each specific bike after riding them on the road.

But we didn't attend that launch by ourselves. In fact, many other editors from various motorcycle publications were there as well including Morgan Gales from Motorcycle Cruiser and Jeff Holt from Hot Bike (two brands owned by our parent company). You can read Gales' words here, or take a look at what Holt had to say here.

After our second day of riding, the three of us reconvened at Lucky Wheels Garage in downtown Los Angeles to discuss our thoughts before writing our reviews. The result is pretty tired, very sweaty, but hopefully an insightful look at what it's like to ride the new machines.

As always, leave your questions and comments for myself or the guys in the comments section below and we'll try and get back to answer anything we left unclear.