2018 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Tire Pressure Tip

This simple maintenance tip can help extend the life of your tires

Here we get down to ground level and show how to identify what specific psi your tires should be inflated to, and then how to check your current tire pressure.

On the Road Glide Special, the recommended tire pressure settings are 36 psi up front, and 40 psi in the rear. You can find this info yourself by checking the sticker on the left-side downtube of the frame. Then, you’ll want to check your tire pressure; just be sure to check the pressures cold—not after getting home from a ride—to ensure a proper psi reading. When the tires are hot you’ll get a higher number, around 4 psi over what the number would be when cold. If you absolutely have to check pressures when the tires are warm, go 4 psi over the number you’re aiming for then recheck the pressure later, when the tire is cold, to be sure.

Getting to the rear valve stem will be easier if you remove the right-side saddlebag first. This way you don’t have to push the bike and bend over to see where the valve stem is, and then repeat until you get it right.