2018 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special Ignition Switch Removal

A quick instructional video on how to remove the 2018 Road Glide’s ignition switch to access the handlebar risers

When it comes to working on your motorcycle, there are probably plenty of quick fixes and easy tweaks you feel super confident in tackling, but every once in a while you come across a head-scratcher you just aren’t so sure how to overcome. For example, in the case of a 2018 Road Glide Special, if you wanted to change out your gauges or bars, or even just adjust the angle of your existing handlebars, you’d need to remove the ignition switch first. A glance at the switch would give you absolutely no clue about how to jimmy it out, but don’t sweat it—it’s actually a very easy process.

The job requires no tools, only your motorcycle’s key, and it’s only a three-step process. First, turn your ignition switch so the “Fork Lock” setting is pointing straight up. Second, press the button on the underside of the switch (in the bottom left corner). Last, as you press in the button you’ll need to insert the key into the ignition, turn counterclockwise, and bam! The switch will pull straight up and out.

The job is as simple as that. Once the switch is out of the way, the gauge cluster will then come out by removing the two screws on the sides, by the speedometer and tachometer. This will allow you to get access to change out the bars, adjust the stock ones, or even swap out the stock gauges.

Simple, right? And it didn’t cost you a dime. So next time, skip the dealer and tackle these jobs yourself. You’ll save some money and get to know your bike better too.