2018 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special Final Build Gallery

Our bolt-on custom Road Glide Special project has finally come to an end. Check out our mods here.

It’s been loads of fun, but our 2018 Harley-Davidson bagger upgrade project has finally come to an end. Along the way, we went through our Wicked Red bagger and focused on three main areas. The first area—and most important one, in my book—we focused on was performance. As far as I’m concerned, doing any kind of project without trying to enhance performance is a waste, but to each their own. The second category we focused on was ergonomics. The Road Glide Special is a very comfortable motorcycle for me in stock form, but we tweaked a couple of things to lower my rear a bit and raise my arms a tad as well. Both of the ergonomics pieces also happen to overlap into the last category too, which was styling.

With Harleys, the world is your oyster. No matter what modification you can think of to add to your ride, chances are the part is already out there and available for purchase. Harley-Davidson alone has a parts and accessories catalog that’s damn near bible-size. And even apart from H-D, there are tons of aftermarket companies around with great options. We stuck with all Harley and Screamin’ Eagle parts for the performance upgrades, since I did notice that you do get a special fit and finish when staying within the brand.

2018 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special

Now that is one good-looking bagger. Our 2018 H-D Road Glide Special in the Wicked Red color looks great with our hand-picked accessories.

Jeff Allen

Screamin Eagle Extreme-Flow Air Cleaner

The Screamin’ Eagle Extreme-Flow Air Cleaner with Ratchet Cover really stands out against the Milwaukee-Eight 107 motor.

Jeff Allen

Badlander two-up seat

The thinner Badlander two-up seat makes for a comfortable ride as well as giving the back end a cleaner line.

Jeff Allen

Burst Collection Fork Medallions

The Burst Collection Fork Medallions are a nice addition that make a normally bland part of the bike really pop.

Jeff Allen

Road Glide Fat Ape 15-Inch Handlebars

The Road Glide Fat Ape 15-Inch Handlebars are a great fit for my long arms and they look rad on top of it all!

Jeff Allen

Defiance End Caps

The Defiance End Caps give the Street Cannon Mufflers of the High-Flow Exhaust system a finished look that really catches the eye.

Jeff Allen

2018 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special rear

Even the back end gets a boost!

Jeff Allen

Defiance Covers

The matching Defiance Covers for the cam and transmission side door make for a clean look.

Jeff Allen

Defiance Handgrips

The Defiance Handgrips fit right in with the black controls, levers, and mirrors on our Road Glide Special.

Jeff Allen

Defiance Speaker Grills

Another nice piece in the Defiance line is the Speaker Grills, which add a more finished design to another normally boring area.

Jeff Allen

Defiance cover

We couldn’t neglect the left side of the motor, so we got another Defiance cover for the derby cover.

Jeff Allen

Gloss Black Headlamp Trim

Adding the Gloss Black Headlamp Trim brings more shine to the front of the bike, and who doesn’t want that?

Jeff Allen

Road Glide Power Cam

The Screamin’ Eagle Stage II Power Kit not only adds power, but look at the beautiful torque curve. You have damn-near peak torque throughout the entire powerband. It’s a thing of beauty.

Screamin’ Eagle Stage II Power Kit


Year/Make/Model 2018/Harley-Davidson/Road Glide Special
Year/Manufacturer 2018/H-D
Cam Screamin’ Eagle Stage II Power Kit
Air Cleaner Screamin’ Eagle Extreme-Flow
Exhaust Screamin’ Eagle High-Flow Exhaust with Street Cannon Mufflers
Tuner Screamin’ Eagle Pro Street Tuner

This Road Glide Special session turned out to be a fun project, I love doing engine work, even if it’s something as minor as installing a new cam, which is what we did here. Adding a taller bar made me more comfortable while riding, as I am 6 feet tall, on the dot, and the Fat Ape 15-inch bars gave me a nice little raise. Adding a sprinkle of styling on top of it all got us a nice-looking Road Glide that coolly stands out from the rest.