2018 Harley-Davidson Club-Style Softail Street Bob Project

The look you love, on the new and improved platform

When the 2018 revamped Softails came out they absorbed the Dyna family, making said Dyna a thing of the past. This was a shock to some of the die-hard Dyna lovers out there, especially the people who are fans of the “club style” for which FXR and Dyna have become known. Once we saw the Softail Street Bob we knew we had to make a club-style version to help ease the die-hard fans into the new platform, which is all-around better when comparing stock to stock with the Dyna platform.

“I am not going to mince words here. Yes, the new lean-framed Softails (not the Breakout or Fat Boy with the wide-tire frame) rode better than any stock-model Dyna I have ridden. Does it handle better than any stock FXR I have ridden? Yes, it does.”

Jeff Holt

There are a few must-haves to achieve said club style. First, you need a quarter fairing. We went with the tried-and-true Harley-Davidson quarter fairing, which we attached by using some aftermarket brackets. Second, you of course need some T-bars. We went with about the same height as the stock mini-apes so we were able to use the stock wiring without extending the harness. Third, you gotta ditch the solo seat and get a nice, either sleek or big, step-up two-up seat. We went with the Harley-Davidson Badlander seat which has a favorite of mine with the Dyna family. Fourth, that sucker needs to be blacked out. The Softail Street Bob comes stock with that already covered for you, saving you money and time blacking out the bike.

And of course lastly, you need a 2-into-1 exhaust. Unfortunately we were unable to obtain one due to backordering and production timing, but there are other options out there for you.


Year/Make/Model 2018/Harley-Davidson/Softail Street Bob
Year/Manufacturer 2018/H-D
Type/Size Milwaukee-Eight/107
Cam Screamin’ Eagle Stage II Torque Kit
Air Cleaner Screamin’ Eagle Extreme-Flow
Exhaust Screamin’ Eagle Pro Street Tuner
Grips H-D Defiance Handgrips
Footpegs H-D Defiance Pegs
Turn Signals H-D LED Bullet Turn Signal Inserts
Trim H-D Gloss Black Oil Cooler Cover
Tank H-D Diamond Black Fuel Cap
Seat H-D Badlander Two-Up Seat