2016 Hot Bike Tour

Take a look at what the Hot Bike Tour is all about

A motorcycle happening that is all about riding and good times! No other event combines the two like the Hot Bike Tour. Spawned from the pages of Hot Bike, Baggers and Street Chopper.If you dig motorcycles, like making them your own and live for the freedom of the open road, then the Hot Bike Tour is made for you! You can ride and party, hitting all five stops, or ride with us for a day and an evening or two filled with good times. Either way, you, your motorcycle and your friends are going to have a great time!

Ride with celebrity builders competing in the Hot Bike and Baggers Invitational Bike Build-Offs!

All makes and models of bikes will be allowed to participate. Throughout the tour, bike owners will be able to pick up and take off from any city following fellow bikers to the final destination. SPECTATORS ARE FREE AT EACH STOP!

Stay tuned for more announcements about the 2016 Hot Bike Tour including the 2016 route and dates right here