A 2012 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, Stripped Down And Leaned Out

A Softail hardens up by stripping down

Conjured forth by builder Alex Osborne and owned by Richard Lucio, what was once a 2012 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy has evolved into an angrier, more menacing realization of the meaty Fat Boy concept. Alex basically stripped the bike down to its essence, changed in some key elements to get his point across, and brought more grunt to the motor to make sure the Softail wasn’t just for show.

The build took 90 days from start to finish. Its 103-inch Twin Cam mill still runs on most of its stock parts; Alex pushed a reliable-but-more-fun approach to it. Other than a Screamin’ Eagle 211 cam setup, a set of high-compression Screamin’ Eagle forged pistons, and the parts line’s performance plug wires, he seems to have left the engine’s internals as they were.

Alex Osborne with 2012 Fat Boy

Alex Osborne did a mighty fine job on Richard Lucio’s 2012 Fat Boy, and the grin bears that out.

Michael Lichter Photography

That V-twin heart beats in its unmodified stock skeleton. There was no reason to change it; Alex wasn’t making a digger chopper or a stretched bagger with a mammoth front wheel, so why would he?

As for the rest of the rolling chassis equation, it’s safe to say it’s had some work done. Alex Osborne tossed away the stock solid wheels in favor of RC Components’ Crank ones. Not only do they look better, I’d guess they weigh less than their solid stock cousins. But enough babbling on. Check out this gallery and find out more for yourself!

2012 Custom harley-davidson fatboy

In the spirit of the old bobbers, the Softail was trimmed down to fighting weight—no front fender, a shorter rear one, and no more solid wheels, either.

Michael Lichter Photography

Roland Sands rear fender and struts

Yet it still packs plenty of style thanks to changes like the Roland Sands rear fender and struts.

Michael Lichter Photography

red brake calipers

Alex avoided the trap of going totally black on this bike with bits of red here and there to keep it interesting, like the brake calipers here…

Michael Lichter Photography

pushrod level on the motor

…and at pushrod level on the motor.

Michael Lichter Photography

2012 harley-davidson fat boy

Kevin Deubach at American Auto Body laid down the paint, while Coating Specialties worked its artistry in powdercoat.

Michael Lichter Photography

stock gas tank

Alex smoothed out the stock gas tank for flush-mount caps to clean it up.

Michael Lichter Photography

Drag Specialties bars

The handholds are a mixed bag that work well together when you look at them. Alex kept the stock hand controls but had them powdercoated in keeping with the look of the bike. They bracket Drag Specialties bars and are topped off with Arlen Ness mirrors.

Michael Lichter Photography

Performance Machine headlight

Speaking of bars, I don’t know what this Performance Machine headlight did to get locked up like this, but it looks good.

Michael Lichter Photography