2009 Evo-Powered Custom Chopper Hits All The Old School Notes

Executive Choppers’ excellence of execution

Chopper builder Bill Holland has probably forgotten more about long girder forks than I’ll ever know. The Executive Choppers front man was there when the things were born; he worked extensively with the legendary John Harman, whose shop some say perfected the chopper girder. It’s a distinction Harman shares (separately) with Arlen Ness.

This 2009 rigid chop was all Holland’s doing, and it’s a perfectly executed long bike that any chopper freak would dig. Holland not only made the 9-inches-over girder fork, but he fabricated the bones too. This skeleton is stretched 2 inches out and 4 inches up, with the neck raked 43 degrees to really kick that front suspension far out, chopper-style. The badass bike rolls on Billet Boys wheels shod in Avon rubber, a 21-inch wheel up front and a 16-inch out back.

While the chop may not pack an old Knuckle or Pan under the backbone, I’d bet its 96-inch S&S Cycle Evo V-twin gives this scoot plenty of reliable power all day long. Holland runs a Thunder Cycles velocity stack and his very own Executive Choppers pipes on it for breathing duty.

Naturally, the chopper is more than the sum of its excellent parts. It’s a blend of classic style with a type of V-twin that wasn’t available when the girder fork first became a big thing in the chopper world. Just check out these cool photos of it by Michael Lichter and see for yourself.

2009 custom evo rigid chopper

Bill Holland built the classic long chop profile into this bike, but he didn’t go overboard on length with the forks.

Michael Lichter Photography

Bill Holland of Executive Choppers

Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Holland of Executive Choppers.

Michael Lichter Photography

Rebel Design sportster tank

Rebel Design’s excellent paintwork on the modified Sportster tank.

Michael Lichter Photography

Hawg Halters disc brake

Front brakes weren’t the style on ’70s choppers, but this Hawg Halters disc brake adds welcome stopping power to the front wheel.

Michael Lichter Photography

custom evo long chopper

No extras here. Just a well-balanced, perfectly executed long chopper.

Michael Lichter Photography

Two headers and triple outlet exhaust system

Two headers and this triple outlet comprise Holland’s exhaust system. You don’t see that every day!

Michael Lichter Photography

girder fork

Look at the flawlessness in that girder fork!

Michael Lichter Photography

executive choppers custom gas tank

Funny place for a name, yes. However, it’s easy to find if you look long and hard at the details on a bike.

Michael Lichter Photography