2007 Harley Davidson Road Glide - FBI New Color Parts

Color Where It's Needed

We got started with a "before" photo of the stock fairing unpainted and still on the bike (insert).

In just under two weeks (less than 10 days) we received a box marked "Fragile Painted Parts" from FBI.

To get started, the four mini rubber bumpers were installed for the two lids.

Next, the hinge covers were pressed in place over the screws.

The next thing Mike Rupp did was reinstall all the gauges.

Since the fairing was off the bike anyway, Curtis, the bike's owner, wanted to upgrade the speakers.

With all the gauges in place, the freshly painted inner fairing was installed.

Next was the wiring. All the wires from the radio to the taillight are in one of the three wiring looms that are run up to the inner fairing.

The radio bracket was then attached to the same four bolts that hold the inner fairing in place. Once the bracket was locked down, the radio was bolted to the bracket, and all the wires were reconnected.

The stock radio was bolted in place, and a thin piece of filler rubber was used to fill the space and help with any vibration.

With all the wires in place and the radio, lights, and switches working, the outer fairing was installed.

The same goes for the windshield. Mike installed the windshield to the outer fairing and installed a new piece of rubber along the bottom where the two were bolted together.

Next was the chin spoiler. It has press-clamp brackets on the back that will fit around the lower framerails and is color-matched.

Mike placed the chin spoiler on the framerails, placed the mounting bracket over the frame, and then tightened down the two bolts.

It only took 10 minutes to install, and it added a good look to the bike.

Here you have it. We added the Hell's Foundry chrome gauge bezel and the paint-matched inner fairing and chin spoiler.

As we move along with this issue, we're now at the point where we can begin work on a project we started a few weeks ago. We started by pulling the inner fairing off a stock '07 Road Glide and sending it out to Chariton, IA, where Gary Chipp, founder of Fat Baggers Inc. (FBI), and his family have been in the motorcycle industry for more than 30 years. Over the last decade, they have been working on the custom side with the FBI line of parts to fatten up the backside of any FLH-style Harley-Davidson, getting more rubber under the rear of the bike. Now they are moving forward with even more cool parts to customize your FLH-style H-D with things such as color-matched chin spoilers and inner fairings. The chin spoiler is a stock part and can be shipped out the same day, but the inner fairing is something you ship out to FBI and then have shipped back to you in about two weeks, after it's painted. Well, we wanted to see how much of a difference it would make to have the inner fairing color-matched.

We have been working with the Road Glide at Horn Cycle Works in Pomona, CA, when we were told that the owner was going to swap out the stock speakers and maybe the radio. So we asked if the inner fairing needed to come off, and, if so, could we send it out to get painted? In less than two hours, we had the inner fairing and all the accessory covers off the bike. After seeing all the wires tucked up in the fairing, we suggest that it's a good idea to take the time to mark all the wires to help when you reinstall the fairing-after a week or so, you may not remember where everything went. Also, when you see all the wires, you may be shocked.