2007 Daytona Bike Week Guide: Welcome To The Jungle

By the time you get this, your bags should already be packed, bike tuned up (or trailer, if need be), and reservations made for a week's worth of fun, sun, riding, and partying, Daytona-style. Daytona Bike Week is what Spring Break is to college students: a time to get away from home, catch some rays, and unwind.

Well, no matter if it's your first or 21st time in Daytona, sometimes things change-places close down, hurricanes tear through your favorite drinking spot, whatever. Just for those reasons, we've put together this hot little survival guide. Notice the dimensions? It fits perfectly in your back pocket and doesn't feel like you're sitting on a phone book as you ride down the road. Why would you need a survival guide, you ask? It's simple-sometimes your buddy decides at the last minute that he wants to tag along, but you aren't about to give up your swank accommodations. So you plop this little book in his hands, tell him to crank it to the hotel/accommodations listings, and start dialing. More than likely everything will be booked, but you never know-he may get lucky.

Got a flat, and you're stuck on the side of Beach Street? Don't worry-we have several tow companies as well as hospitals listed in here, but we hope you won't need them.

Looking for a bike show where you can enter your latest project? Check out the show pages; they'll tell you where to go and when. If you really want to try something different this Bike Week, why don't you check out one of the many races? They're the reason the event started in the first place all those years ago. Besides, have you seen those umbrella girls? They're hot!

Anyway, the bottom line is, if it's happening in Daytona, or if there's some piece of information you just have to know, it's probably listed in this guide...or at least there's probably someone listed in here who can help you out. So don't throw it away!

See you at Lollipops (it's on the map)

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