2006 Harley-Davidson Road King - Road Clean

Clean up With H-D Lighting

We started working on the rear of the bike with the installation of the Bullet Rear Turn Signal Bar and License Plate Relocation Kit (P/N 53702-04A, $247.95). The kit replaces the wide rear turn signal bar and large turn signals with bullet-style signals mounted tightly to the rear fender. It also relocates the license plate from the support bar, above the taillight to the bottom of the fender just under the taillight (not shown is the license plate bracket).

We began by removing the taillight cover and disconnecting the turn signals. The turn signals and the bar were then removed as well.

On the bottom of the fender the running light cover and running light was removed. This chromed plastic cover was installed to cover up the running light mounting holes.

The new turn signal/license mount was assembled and bolted in place where the stock turn signal bar used to sit.

The turn signal leads were then plugged in. This new mount features small white lights tucked up inside to light up the license plate. All that was left to do in the rear was remove the license plate from its stock location and secure it in the new mount.

For the front of the bike, we opted for this Custom Touring Front Bullet Turn Signal Kit (P/N 69577-06, $147.95). Gone is the light bar with spotlights and flat turn signals-it's been replaced with bullet signals a la the Street Glide. It's a much cleaner look and will match the rear signals.

After removing the headlight and disconnecting the spotlights and turn signals, the light bar was unbolted from the sides of the headlight nacelle.

The kit comes with two outer plates and two inner plates. The inner plates are notched and the turn signal wires were routed through the notches.

The turn signals were bolted to the frontend using the stock light bar mounts. The mounting plates were secured to the outside of the rubber grommets. This means you can still use the detachable windshield-if you have one. The turn signal leads were routed up through the nacelle out of sight and connected. Then the headlight was re-installed.

While thumbing through the P&A; catalog looking for ways to clean up the lines on this RK, we came across this Chrome Flush Mount Cap and Gauge Kit (P/N 62823-06, $198.95).

We're all familiar with the top-mounted stock gas gauge found on Dyna, Softail, and Road King models. Sure, it looks just like the gas cap on the other side (except for the gas meter), but as tempting as it is, don't try to spin it off, because...

...it has a wired connection tucked under the tank. Before removing the gauge, the lead was disconnected.

The gas gauge came out with a little back and forth wiggle. Here you can see the wiring that's connected to the gas gauge as it's pulled out.

The new flush mount gauge assembly was then installed on the left side of the tank. There's a small metal tube that runs inside the tank from top to bottom to feed the gas gauge wire through the tank to the connector underneath.

Once the wiring was connected and hidden back under the tank, the ignition switch was turned to the "on" position, and LEDs lit up on the new gauge. Obviously as your gas level gets lower, fewer and fewer LEDs are lit. A photocell automatically adjusts brightness for improved visibility in sunlight and dims at night to avoid distraction. When turned off, all you see is the mirror chrome finish.

On the filler side, the pop-up cap was screwed in place. To help save your paint from the fuel nozzle, a chrome trim ring is provided in the kit. The kit simply sticks onto the tank with sticky tape.

A quick 1/2-twist and the filler cap pops up and can then easily be unscrewed.

Front before.

In a few hours of easy labor, we were able to clean up the overall appearance of this RK from front to back and give it a more streamlined look. We'll admit it's not a drastic change, but the small details are definitely noticeable. It just goes to show that you don't need to spend a lot of time or money to make a stock bike look good. Here's the rear before...

...and after.

Top of the tanks before...

...and after.

In its stock form, the Road King is a great all-around bike that looks good and is set up for touring. However, as with any of the base model bikes H-D sells, it's just that-a base model for owners to make their own. As a blank canvas, there is always room for improvement, whether it be performance, comfort, or cosmetic. For this article, we are going to focus on looks and show you how-for very little money and effort-you can clean up the lines of an '06 RK, releasing its inner hot bike.

Except for the Road King Custom, the front and rear turn signal setups on the other two Road King models are just big and don't do anything for the looks of the bike. Up front we're not really fans of the spotlights or the light bar that they are mounted to-although it is a signature look among many of the FL models. Out back, the rear turn signal mount is a big bar of chrome that nearly spans the entire rear section just to hold the two beacon-like signals

The H-D styling department is aware that not everyone may like the look of front and rear signals, and has developed kits to mount stylish and more sleek bullet-style turn signals. We headed over to Anaheim-Fullerton Harley-Davidson, where we photographed them knocking out this quick transformation.



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